Artist Bio


Ronnie Burak was born and raised in Philadelphia and now resides in Atlantic Beach, Florida.

She received her BFA in painting from Boston University and obtained a graduate certification in art therapy from Hahnemann Medical School. She went on to earn her MA and PHD in Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology. Over the course of 30 years in practice as a Psychologist, Ronnie has brought a strong influence of her training and background as an artist into her therapeutic work.

Ronnie is now focusing her own creative work through the medium of photography. She enjoys photographing both the human and natural landscape. Her work has been exhibited in a variety of venues in the Jacksonville area.

Ronnie has garnered multiple awards including  winning first, second and people’s choice award for Photojax 2014 - a city wide celebration of photography in Jacksonville, Florida. She also won first prize for her exhibit at Arts in the Park 2014. 


Artist Statement


As a photographer who enjoys capturing the spontaneous moments, I am drawn to both urban and natural environments.

The urban environment fascinates me with all its characters. Each person has a story that can be told in a visual moment in time. The non-human aspect of the urban environment also has its own narrative, full of rich culture unique to that place.

The natural environment also captivates me with beauty untouched by human hands. I am drawn to both big and small; the majesty of the large panoramic landscape and the exquisite design and detail of nature's small elements.

Photography, for me, is a mindfulness meditation. When I am fully in the present moment, the ordinary becomes the extraordinary.